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-- Virtua Squad: A PC Gamer’s Equal Opportunity Right to Arcade-Action Includes Two-Player Network Gameplay --

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- November 8, 1996 -- Sega™ Entertainment, Inc. provides PC gamers with equal opportunity to experience unparalleled arcade "shoot-em-up" action with "Virtua Squad™," now available for the PC with two-player network gameplay. "Virtua Squad" is Sega Entertainment’s third arcade title to ship this year, preceded by all-time arcade phenomena "DaytonaÒ™ U.S.A." and "Virtua Fighter™ PC."

"Virtua Squad" is based on the arcade hit "Virtua CopÔ™," which continues to rank among the top 10 arcade games since its release in July 1994. "Virtua Squad" brings its heated fast action to the PC with enhanced features that include two-player, single-screen play, and two-player network gameplay. Customized graphics and control in the game takes optimal advantage of the technical power of the PC.

The mouse serves as the "stunner gun" in the game. "Virtua Squad’s" intuitive mouse control ensures the simple click of a mouse will never be the same again. The new "Virtua Squad" for the PC also includes the Diamond Edge 3D card support version on the same disk. " ‘Virtua Squad’ promises to give PC gamers exactly the type of instant gratification arcade games are built to deliver," Greg Suarez, business unit director, Sega Entertainment, said. "The superior graphics, exclusive content and hard-hitting gameplay in our arcade-to-PC titles aim to satisfy the PC gamer’s hunger for death-defying action."

"Virtua Squad" is signing up the bravest and most dedicated citizens to dispense some justice on the mean city streets. PC gamers can take matters into their own hands with a first-person perspective in 3D environments and witness the difference of breakthrough polygon graphics, faster-than-ever frame rates, smooth animation and intense real-time action. Gamers are responsible for stopping a powerful and illegal gun running operation. By cleaning out docks and warehouses of armed smugglers and clearing office buildings of scum, players become top-notch members of Sega Entertainment’s "Virtua Squad." Wanna-be cops can pick snipers off distant buildings and dodge ax-wielding maniacs as they charge from out of nowhere.

Putting your life on the line is part of the job in "Virtua Squad" and staying alive is the challenge. You’ve been trained for proficiency in three "Busts": Arms Black Market, Underground Weapon Storage and Gang headquarters, and can choose from magnums, rifles, machine guns, shot guns and automatic power-ups to save hostages from crime bosses Kong, King, Boss and Fan. Discover hidden weapons in crates and behind doors and blast away cars and barrels to trigger explosions that wipe out enemies instantly. It’ll take a steady hand, lightning reflexes and nerves of steel to clean up the city. When you join the "Virtua Squad" force, the simple click of a mouse decides the fate of illegal operations, criminals, hostages and YOUR life.

"Virtua Squad" utilizes the power of a 75 MHz Pentium processor/Windows 95 with Microsoft’s Direct X software requiring 16 MB RAM and Super VGA video card with 1 MB of video RAM. Also recommended for greater impact is a Sound Blaster, or compatible sound card, and 640 x 480 high resolution graphics with SVGA 256 colors. For additionally superior gameplay, Sega Entertainment recommends a Pentium 133 or higher, Super VGA video card with 2 MB or greater video RAM and a 6X CD ROM (or at least 4X).

To support the launch of "Virtua Squad," Sega Entertainment will conduct two contests: one for the trade and one for consumers. The first will be an in-store contest, running from October - December 1996, in which participating retailers’ employees will compete by playing a trial demo of "Virtua Squad" and mailing in a photo of their best score. The player with the best average score wins a police ride-along and camcorder. The consumer contest offers a chance to win a trip to Japan to meet with Sega’s famed AM2 game developers, will run from November 1996 - March 31, 1997. Gamers can enter by filling out an entry form inside each box, by mailing in a 3"x5" card, or by registering through Sega Entertainment’s web site (

Sega Entertainment, Inc., is a joint venture between Sega of America, the arm of Tokyo, Japan-based Sega Enterprises, Ltd. responsible for the development, marketing and distribution of Sega videogame systems and videogames in the Americas, and SOFTBANK Holdings, Inc., one of the world's largest distributors of computer software, peripherals and systems, as well as Japan's largest publisher of computer-related magazines and books. Sega Entertainment is responsible for creating, marketing and distributing PC-based entertainment which utilizes Sega's arcade and console-based games and characters. With headquarters in Redwood City, California, Sega Entertainment is the second joint venture between Sega and SOFTBANK; in October 1995, the two companies entered a joint venture to distribute interactive entertainment and PC software and hardware in the U.S.

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