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Sega Sports NFL 2k2 launches onto Dreamcast, powering the top-selling football videogame series to new heights

This Third Year Veteran has the Look of a
First Round Draft Pick!

SAN FRANCISCO (September 18, 2001) – Sega
Sports(tm) announced the release of "Sega Sports(tm) NFL 2K2" today, for the
128-bit, Internet-ready Sega Dreamcast(tm) video game console — developed by
Visual Concepts, a member of the Sega group and creators of the top-selling
"Sega Sports NFL 2K and 2K1". With improvements made to last year’s superior
gameplay, the addition of all new quarterback logic, online stat tracking and an
enhanced catching system, this will be the video game football fans reach for.

"’Sega Sports NFL 2K2′ is the video game
football fanatics will crave when looking for authentic football action," said
Chris Gilbert, EVP Sales & Marketing, Sega of America. "Our football game
delivers the same emotional impact fans experience at an actual NFL game. If
you’re looking for true-to-life, intense football action, there’s no question
that ‘Sega Sports NFL 2K2’ is the must own sports video game for this season."

Greg Thomas, President of Visual Concepts
added, "Year after year, the development team makes dramatic improvements to the
game, adding all-new features, as well as improving gameplay and graphics,
without compromising the feel that gave the NFL 2K series its identity."

Bringing the NFL experience to gamers as no
other game in its genre can, "Sega Sports NFL 2K2" features personalized moves
that have been motion captured with amazing detail, including new quarterback
rollouts, improved running back motions, and better pushing and grasping
movements on defense. Players on the offense will immediately notice the vastly
enhanced quarterback logic. See them roll out of the pocket, scramble under
pressure, orchestrate last second comebacks, or tuck and run the ball up field
like we’ve started to see so many of today’s quarterbacks do. If that weren’t
enough, Sega Sports has enhanced the passing and catching system so that
pass-play timing and execution is more intuitive and accurate than ever before!

The running game has also received
significant attention this year. With the introduction of contact-sensitive
special moves, not only do the running back moves look more realistic, but they
feel more solid than ever. Another of the moves new to the running game this
year is "getting skinny," which allows you to squeeze through the tightest of
holes rather than thwarting you at the line because of your size. When you
combine this with a momentum-based tackling system, you can almost smell the
turf. In keeping with the history of the NFL 2K series, "Sega Sports NFL 2K2"
incorporates online gameplay. As a new feature, fans can play head-to-head with
up to eight people nationwide, and then track their win/loss record to see how
they rank amongst other gamers online. Endorsed by Minnesota Vikings’ Randy
Moss, who also appears on the cover of the game, this year’s "Sega Sports NFL
2K2" also contains updated rosters, stadiums and team uniforms. "Sega Sports NFL
2K2" is available at retailers nationwide for $39.95. The game is rated "E" for

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