Psychic Force

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Psychic Force
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Game Bank[1] (JP), Acclaim Entertainment[2] (UK)
Developer: Taito
Planned release date(s): Winter 1997[3], 1998-03-26
Genre: Fighting
Number of players: 1-2

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Psychic Force (サイキックフォース) is a 3D fighting game developed and published by Taito for its FX-1A System arcade hardware in 1995.

Psychic Force was ported to the PlayStation and released in Japan in October 1996 (with an early 1997 release for other regions). Some time later Taito began work on a Sega Saturn version, but this version was cancelled for unknown reasons. The March 1998 edition of Sega Saturn Video Magazine) gave the game a release date of 1998-03-26 and a price of ¥5,800, but a release did not materialise. Sega Saturn Video Magazine's video is comprised of cutscenes - no in-game footage has ever been seen.

Given the Saturn's unpopularity in the western world at that time, it is assumed the Saturn Psychic Force would have been a Japanese exclusive. The Sega Dreamcast would receive a port of the game's sequel, Psychic Force 2012 which initially arrived in March 1999.

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