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Mega Drive version

Sound test

PuyoPuyo MD SoundTest 1.png

PuyoPuyo MD SoundTest 2.png

On the title screen, press A A Left B B Left C C. A sound will signal the code has been entered correctly, and a "sound test" option will appear in the options menu[1].

This feature can be unlocked legitimately by beating the game on any difficulty.

Game Gear version

Sega logo ™ symbol

PuzlowKids GG US Sega.png

While not released outside Japan, code exists to add the ™ symbol to the introductory Sega logo if the game detects it is being played on a Western system.

Error screen

PuyoPuyo GG ErrorScreen.png

Most Game Gear games that support the Gear-to-Gear Cable display a "CHECK CARTRIDGE" error when the cable is tampered with during a 2-player game. Puyo Puyo, and by extension Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, displays a unique error screen with graphics not seen anywhere else in the game. To view it in an emulator, set memory address D401 to any value higher than 3 in a memory editor while in the main menu, then press  START . After a few seconds, the game will reset itself.

The graphics used for this screen are taken from the Mega Drive version's title screen.


Puyo Puyo

PuyoPuyo SystemC2 EN Title.png

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Books: Mega Drive & Game Gear Koushiki Guide Book Puyo Puyo (1993)

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