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QuickShot XVI
Made for: Sega Master System
Manufacturer: QuickShot
Type: Miscellaneous
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Sega Master System
Sega Master System

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The QuickShot XVI is a controller designed to be used with the Sega Master System. It is the supposed sixteenth entry in the QuickShot series of controllers, though QuickShot released various upgrades not covered by the naming scheme, and this particular model is based heavily on the QuickShot IX (or the QuickShot IX Sigma), though unlike those models this was intended solely for Sega's console.

The QuickShot XVI is a "joyball" device with two very large buttons, more analogous to a computer mouse than a traditional console control pad when it comes to aesthetics. It is not, however, a trackball - the "joyball" is a half-sphere shape and acts merely as a glorified D-Pad. The unit has switch on one side for turbo fire, and another to configure the device for left/right handed users. It is not entirely known what the differences between the QuickShot IX Sigma and QuickShot XVI are - whether it is simply an internal compatibility thing or whether the XVI has more physical features.

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