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When powering on the console, hold Down-right on the first control pad and Up-left+1 on the second. Release the buttons when the title screen appears.

Now during gameplay, you will be able to pass through enemies and obstacles without issue (although your ship will briefly show its exploding animation frames when colliding with something).

Sound test

RType SMS SoundTest.png

On the Continue screen, repeatedly press the D-Pad's directions in an anti-clockwise order to access the sound test. The sound test normally only allows the user to play music from 00 to 17, but holding down 2 will allow sound effects to be played. Press 1 to play the selected sound, and play sound 00 to return to the Continue screen.

Hidden stage

R-Type, Super Stage Entrance.png

In Stage 4, there are two columns separated by a gap. Fly backwards into the first column to enter the hidden stage.



R-Type title.png

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