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The Salad Juu Yuushi Tomatoman series (サラダ十勇士トマトマン, lit. Tomatoman the 10th Warrior, westernized as TomatoMan and the Knights of the Salad Table[1][2]) is a set of toys released by Sega in 1992, based on the animated TV series Salad Juu Yuushi Tomatoman, originally created by Hiroshi Sasagawa (笹川 ひろし) and jointly produced[3] by TV Tokyo Corporation (株式会社テレビ東京), TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Co., Ltd (TVQ九州放送株式会社), Gakken Co., Ltd. (株式会社学習研究社), Yomiko Advertising, Inc.[4] ( 読売広告社) and now defunct Animation 21 (アニメーション21, co-founded in 1990 by Hiroshi Sasagawa / 笹川 ひろし and Tetsuo Kanno / 菅野 てつ勇, President of Staff 21 / スタッフ21 anime studios, which served as a producer at TV Asahi Corporation for the 1979 Doraemon anime TV series), which aired from April 3rd, 1992 to March 27th, 1993 in Japan. It was translated into Arabic, and distributed to some Arab countries by Enoki Films Co., Ltd. (エノキフイルム株式会社) in 1995.


Code Name Box scans Images Region Date Price Documentation Description
Salad Juu Yuushi Tomatoman Finger Puppet Set (サラダ十勇士トマトマン ゆび人形[5])
SaladJuuYuushiTomatoman Toy JP Box Back.jpgSaladJuuYuushiTomatoman Toy JP Box Front.jpg
SJYT Finger Puppet Set Toy JP.jpg
Tomatoman's Kendama (トマトマンのケン玉 ケンボール)
SJYT Tomatoman's Kendama Toy JP Box Back.jpgSJYT Tomatoman's Kendama Toy JP Box Spine2.jpgSJYT Tomatoman's Kendama Toy JP Box Front.jpgSJYT Tomatoman's Kendama Toy JP Box Spine.jpg
SJYT Tomatoman's Kendama Toy JP Box Top.jpg
SJYT Tomatoman's Kendama Toy JP.jpg
SJYT Tomatoman's Kendama Toy JP Front.jpg
SJYT Tomatoman's Kendama Toy JP Top Back.jpg
SJYT Tomatoman's Kendama Toy JP Bottom Back.jpg
Salad Juu Yuushi Tomatoman Penny Bank Full Set
SJYTPennyBankFullSet Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPennyBankFullSet Toy JP Front.jpg
Tomatoman[1] (トマトマン[5] マスコットバンク) penny bank
SJYT Tomatoman Toy JP Box Back.jpgSJYT Tomatoman Toy JP Box Front.jpg
SJYTTomatomanPennyBank Toy JP Front.jpg
SJYTTomatomanPennyBank Toy JP Back.jpg
SJYTTomatomanPennyBank Toy JP Bottom.jpg
Bermudiana[1] (オニオン[5] マスコットバンク) penny bank
SJYTBermudianaPennyBank Toy JP Box Back.jpgSJYTBermudianaPennyBankToy JP Box Front.jpg
SJYTBermudianaPennyBank Toy JP Front.jpg
SJYTBermudianaPennyBank Toy JP Back.jpg
SJYTBermudianaPennyBank Toy JP Bottom.jpg
Bananan[1] (そんなバナナ[5] マスコットバンク) penny bank
SJYTBanananPennyBank Toy JP Box Back.jpgSJYTBanananPennyBank Toy JP Box Front.jpg
SJYTBanananPennyBank Toy JP Front.jpg
SJYTBanananPennyBank Toy JP Back.jpg
SJYTBanananPennyBank Toy JP Bottom.jpg
Dr. Napple[1] (ナップル博士[5] マスコットバンク) penny bank
SJYTDrNapplePennyBank JP Toy Box Back.jpgSJYTDrNapplePennyBank JP Toy Box Front.jpg
SJYTDrNapplePennyBank Toy JP Front.jpg
SJYTDrNapplePennyBank Toy JP Back.jpg
SJYTDrNapplePennyBank Toy JP Bottom.jpg
Carrot Ninja[1] (ニンジン忍者[5] マスコットバンク) penny bank
SJYTCarrotNinjaPennyBank JP Toy Box Back.jpgSJYTCarrotNinjaPennyBank JP Toy Box Front.jpg
SJYTCarrotNinjaPennyBank Toy JP Front.jpg
SJYTCarrotNinjaPennyBank Toy JP Back.jpg
SJYTCarrotNinjaPennyBank Toy JP Bottom.jpg
SJYTTomatoman Toy JP Box Back.jpgSJYTTomatoman Toy JP Box Front.jpg
Princess Peach[1]
SJYT PrincessPeach Toy JP Box Front.jpg
Rocky Potato[1]
SJYT RockyPotato Toy JP Box Front.jpg
Sweety Lemon[1]
SJYT SweetyLemon Toy JP Box Front.jpg
SJYT Bananan Toy JP Box Front.jpg
Salad Juu Yuushi Tomatoman Keshigomu (消しゴム) Action Figure Set (塩ビ人形で大集合!!)
SJYTPVCActionFigureSet Toy JP Box Front.jpg
SJYTPVCActionFigureSet Toy JP.jpg
SJYTPVCActionFigureSet Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCActionFigureSet Toy JP Front.jpg
SJYTPVCActionFigureSet1 Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCActionFigureSet1 Toy JP Front.jpg
SJYTPVCTomatomanActionFigure Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCTomatomanActionFigure Toy JP Front.jpg
SJYTPVCPrincessPeachActionFigure Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCPrincessPeachActionFigure Toy JP Front.jpg
Princess Peach
SJYTPVCDrNappleActionFigure Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCDrNappleActionFigure Toy JP Front.jpg
Dr. Napple
SJYTPVCMamaLetusActionFigure Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCMamaLetusActionFigure Toy JP Front.jpg
Mama Letus
SJYTPVCCarrotNinjaActionFigure Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCCarrotNinjaActionFigure Toy JP Front.jpg
Carrot Ninja
SJYTPVCKingBooMelonActionFigure Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCKingBooMelonActionFigure Toy JP Front.jpg
King Boo-Melon
SJYTPVCBellaPepperActionFigure Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCBellaPepperActionFigure Toy JP Front.jpg
Bella Pepper
SJYTPVCBanananActionFigure Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCBanananActionFigure Toy JP Front.jpg
SJYTPVCRockyPotatoActionFigure Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCRockyPotatoActionFigure Toy JP Front.jpg
Rocky Potato
SJYTPVCBermudianaActionFigure Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCBermudianaActionFigure Toy JP Front.jpg
SJYTPVCSweetyLemonActionFigure Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCSweetyLemonActionFigure Toy JP Front.jpg
Sweety Lemon
SJYTPVCPattPittPuttPottActionFigure Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCPattPittPuttPottActionFigure Toy JP Front.jpg
Patt, Pitt, Putt & Pott
SJYTPVCTheWitheredPlumActionFigure Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCTheWitheredPlumActionFigure Toy JP Front.jpg
The Withered Plum
SJYTPVCQueenBadflyActionFigure Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCQueenBadflyActionFigure Toy JP Front.jpg
Queen Badfly
SJYTPVCLordMantisActionFigure Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCLordMantisActionFigure Toy JP Front.jpg
Lord Mantis
SJYTPVCBuggyActionFigure Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCBuggyActionFigure Toy JP Front.jpg
SJYTPVCDrGrasshopperActionFigure Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCDrGrasshopperActionFigure Toy JP Front.jpg
Dr. Grasshopper
SJYTPVCTentobiActionFigure Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCTentobiActionFigure Toy JP Front.jpg
SJYTPVCMinminActionFigure Toy JP Back.jpgSJYTPVCMinminActionFigure Toy JP Front.jpg
A collection of nineteen PVC action figures based on the characters of the series, manufactured by Tokyo-based toy manufacturing company Konno Sangyo Co. Ltd (今野産業株式会社) at Sega's request.

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