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File Date Source Title and comments
Logo-pdf.svg 1986-02-xx Computer Entertainer (US), "February 1986" "New VideoGame System Under Secret Development"
Logo-pdf.svg 1986-06-xx Computer Entertainer (US), "June 1986" "New, Advanced Videogame System Revealed"
Logo-pdf.svg 1986-06-12 Popular Computing Weekly (UK), "Vol. 5 No. 23" "Games go down big in Chicago"
1986 Summer CES report
Cover article
1986-07-xx Computer Entertainer (US), "July 1986" "Like The Old Days"
1986 Summer CES consoles report
Logo-pdf.svg 1986-09-11 Popular Computing Weekly (UK), "Vol. 5 No. 37" "Ariola Sega link"
Logo-pdf.svg 1986-09-16 Computer & Video Games (UK), "October 1986"
Cover article
1986-10-23 Popular Computing Weekly (UK), "Vol. 5 No. 43"
Logo-pdf.svg 1986-10-25 Bang Weekly (UK), "25th October 1986" "Console Comeback"
Logo-pdf.svg 1986-11-20 Popular Computing Weekly (UK), "Vol. 5 No. 47" "Some Consolation"
Feature on the return of consoles
Logo-pdf.svg 1986-xx-xx Happy Computer (DE), "November 1986"
Logo-pdf.svg 1986-xx-xx Video Giochi News (IT), "Novembre 1986"
Logo-pdf.svg 1986-11-xx Computer & Video Games (UK), "December 1986"
Logo-pdf.svg 1987-02-19 Soft (DK), "" "Spille-maskiner 2"
Article about the Master System launch in Germany
Logo-pdf.svg 1987-06-05 Popular Computing Weekly (UK), "Vol. 6 No. 22" "Mastertronic ends Sega saga"
1987 Summer CES report
Cover article
1987-06-12 Popular Computing Weekly (UK), "Vol. 6 No. 23" "Mastertronic takes Sega risks"
Logo-pdf.svg 1987-08-xx Zzap!64 (UK), "September 1987"
Logo-pdf.svg 1987-08-15 Computer & Video Games (UK), "September 1987"
Logo-pdf.svg 1987-xx-xx Arcades (FR), "Octobre 1987"
Logo-pdf.svg 1987-09-17 The Games Machine (UK), "October/November 1987"
Logo-pdf.svg 1987-xx-xx Zzap! (IT), "Ottobre 1987"
Logo-pdf.svg 1987-1x-xx Tilt (FR), "Fin 1987"
Logo-pdf.svg 1989-04-13 New Computer Express (UK), "April 15, 1989"
Logo-pdf.svg 1989-09-27 S: The Sega Magazine (UK), "October 1989"
Logo-pdf.svg 1989-10-16 Complete Guide to Consoles (UK), ""
1989-xx-xx Pixel (GR), "Októvrios 1989"
1989-xx-xx Pixel (GR), "Dekémvrios 1989"
Logo-pdf.svg 1990-xx-xx Svet Igara (YU), "Januar 1990"
1990-xx-xx Pixel (GR), "Mártios 1990"
Logo-pdf.svg 1990-05-xx Software Gids (NL), "Mei/Juni 1990"
Logo-pdf.svg 1990-06-14 New Computer Express (UK), "16 June 1990" "CONSOLES ROUND-UP, WHICH MACHINE?"
Logo-pdf.svg 1990-06-25 Joystick (FR), "Juillet/Août 1990"
Logo-pdf.svg 1990-09-27 Raze (UK), "November 1990"
MM 1990-10 SI Consoles.jpg 1990-xx-xx Moj Mikro (SI), "Oktober 1990"
MM 1990-10 HR Consoles.jpg 1990-xx-xx Moj Mikro (HR), "Oktobar 1990"
Logo-pdf.svg 1990-xx-xx Electronic Gaming Monthly (US), "October 1990"
Logo-pdf.svg 1990-11-xx Complete Guide to Consoles (UK), "Volume IV"
1990-xx-xx Pixel (GR), "Dekémvrios 1990" "Sega Master System vs Bit 72 (NES clone)"
Wiz 1 IL Sega Master System.jpg 1991-xx-xx Wiz (IL), "1/91"
1991-xx-xx Pixel (GR), "Mártios 1991"
Logo-pdf.svg 1991-xx-xx Electronic Gaming Monthly (US), "April 1991"
Logo-pdf.svg 1991-xx-xx Top Secret (PL), "Kwiecień/Maj 1991"
Logo-pdf.svg 1991-05-xx The Complete Guide to Sega (UK), ""
Logo-pdf.svg 1991-05-21 Ação Games (BR), "Maio 1991" "O que vem por aí"
Tectoy has announced a new version of the console, which they called the "Master System II" and it now has Alex Kidd in Miracle World built-in. It is in fact the first model with small internal modifications, not what is known by the rest of the world as Sega Master System II.
1991-xx-xx Pixel (GR), "Ioúnios 1991"
MC 1 SCG SMD SMS.jpg 1991-xx-xx Micro Computer (SCG), "Juni 1991"
Logo-pdf.svg 1991-xx-xx Player One (FR), "Juillet/Août 1991"
1991-xx-xx Pixel (GR), "Septémvrios 1991"
Wiz 5 IL Sega consoles.jpg 1991-xx-xx Wiz (IL), "5/91"
Logo-pdf.svg 1991-1x-xx User (GR), "Dekémvrios 1991"
Wiz 9 IL Sega consoles.png 1991-xx-xx Wiz (IL), "9/91"
Logo-pdf.svg 199x-xx-xx Electronic Gaming Monthly (US), "1992 Video Game Buyer's Guide"
Logo-pdf.svg 1992-03-10 Player One (FR), "Mars 1992"
Logo-pdf.svg 1992-xx-xx Svet Kompjutera (YU), "Mart 1992"
BIT 5 SK SMS SMD.jpg 1992-02-01 BIT (SK), "2/1992"
Logo-pdf.svg 1992-xx-xx 576 KByte (HU), "Június 1992"
BIT 12 SK SMS.jpg 1992-09-01 BIT (SK), "9/1992"
Logo-pdf.svg 1993-xx-xx Radioelektronik (PL), "1/1993"
Logo-pdf.svg 1993-04-10 Excalibur (CZ), ""
Logo-pdf.svg 1993-04-24 ABC (CZ), "Ročník 37, 16"
Logo-pdf.svg 1993-xx-xx 576 KByte (HU), "Szeptember 1993"
VP 1 CZ Sega consoles.jpg 199x-xx-xx Video Plus (CZ), ""
EZ SK 10-93-94 Sega.jpg 1994-06-xx Elektrón-Zenit (SK), "10-1993/1994"
1994-xx-xx Hobbytes (RO), "1/1994"
1995-xx-xx Mickey Mouse (LT), "5/1995"
Logo-pdf.svg 1995-11-08 MAN!AC (DE), "12/95" "8-bit Replay: Das Farb-wunder - Master System"
1995-xx-xx Tricks (RU), "5/95"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-12-30 ABC (CZ), "Ročník 41, 10"
1999-xx-xx Igromania (BG), "Oktomvri 1999"
2001-xx-xx 576 Konzol (HU), "Július-Augusztus 2001"