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Model 2 version

Saturn version

Clean pause

While paused, press X+Y+Z to remove the pause menu. The menu can be reinstated by pressing X+Y+Z again.

Unlock all cars and tracks

Ensure an Arcade Racer is plugged into control port 2. Go to either the Saturn or Arcade "key config" screens in their respective options menus, then press X+Y+Z+ START  at the same time on the Arcade Racer. If entered correctly an exhaust sound should briefly play.

This will unlock both the Urban and Boom Town circuits and the three secret cars, the Sega racing proto (press X on any car selection screen) the Lancia Delta (highlight the Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti and press Z) and the Toyota Celica (highlight the Toyota Supra and press Z).

Global Net Events

The Global Net Events can be accessed regardless of date by entering the options menu on the Saturn side and inputting X Y Z X Y Z Y X (with an exhaust noise confirming the correct entry). Then, simply highlight the "Global Net Event" option and press:

  • HOLD X START  for Winter Holiday
  • HOLD Y START  for Hit & Run!
  • HOLD Z START  for April Fool

Windows PC version

Global Net Events

The Global Net Events can be accessed regardless of date by creating a shortcut to the game EXE (STCC.EXE) and passing in the following command line arguments

/N19971225 for Winter Holiday

/N19980214 for Hit & Run!

/N19980401 for April Fool

Alternate colour schemes

Three of the four cars have alternate colour schemes based on the 1997 touring car season. On the 'select car' screen, hold 🡩 or 🡫 and press  Enter  to use the alternative scheme


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