Shin Kouchuu Ouja Mushiking

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Shin Kouchuu Ouja Mushiking
System(s): Nu SX[1]
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Age free card game[2]

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (Nu SX)
¥? ?

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Shin Kouchuu Ouja Mushiking (新甲虫王者ムシキング) is a sequel to the first game of the franchise released for the arcade systems.



750 mm (29.528")
1.66 m (65.354")
770 mm (30.315")

  • Mass: 150 kg


Version history

System Version Size Date Comment Ref Icon
Arcade (Nu SX)
2015-10000000000000000000000002015-1st 201507162015-07-16 2015ファースト
Arcade (Nu SX)
2015-20000000000000000000000002015-2nd 201509082015-09-08 2015セカンド
Arcade (Nu SX)
2016-10000000000000000000000002016-1st 201512102015-12-10 2016ファースト
Arcade (Nu SX)
2016-20000000000000000000000002016-2nd 201603032016-03-03 2016セカンド
Arcade (Nu SX)
000001000000000000000000000000Gekitou Dai 1 Dan 201607072016-07-07 激闘第1段
Arcade (Nu SX)
000002000000000000000000000000Gekitou Dai 2 Dan 201609012016-09-01 激闘第2段
Arcade (Nu SX)
000003000000000000000000000000Gekitou Dai 3 Dan 201611012016-11-01 激闘第3段
Arcade (Nu SX)
000004000000000000000000000000Gekitou Dai 4 Dan 201612212016-12-21 激闘第4段
Arcade (Nu SX)
000005000000000000000000000000Gekitou Dai 5 Dan 201702232017-02-23 激闘第5段
Arcade (Nu SX)
000006000000000000000000000000Gekitou Dai 6 Dan 201704272017-04-27 激闘第6段
Arcade (Nu SX)
000001000000000000000000000000Chou Shinka 1 Dan 201707142017-07-14 超神化1弾
Arcade (Nu SX)
000002000000000000000000000000Chou Shinka 2 Dan 201709262017-09-26 超神化2弾
Arcade (Nu SX)
000003000000000000000000000000Chou Shinka 3 Dan 201712212017-12-21 超神化3弾
Arcade (Nu SX)
000004000000000000000000000000Chou Shinka 4 Dan 201804252018-04-25 超神化4弾

Magazine articles

Main article: Shin Kouchuu Ouja Mushiking/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

ShinKouchuuOujaMushiking Arcade JP Flyer.pdf

ShinKouchuuOujaMushiking Arcade JP Flyer.pdf

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