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In-game credits
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Sega TV Game Genga Gallery[2]

Developer mentions[3]


Tadashi Eda (E_Da)

  • Main programmer[4].

Yuichi Matsuoka (Yuichim)

  • Enemy programmer[4].

Ryo Kudou (Kodor Yo)

  • Created the in-game graphics[4].
  • Drew the illustrations for the Japanese box and instruction manual[4].

Yoshiki Nozaki (Y. Nozaki)

  • Created half of the background graphics[4].

Sohei Oshiba

  • Designed the Japanese box and logo[4].

Music credits

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ID Description Credits Used Comments
01 Canyon 2 Yes
02 Factory 2 Yes
03 Factory 1 Yes
04 Castle 2 Yes
05 Castle 1 Yes
06 Canyon 1 Yes
07 Boss Yes
08 Ending Yes
09 Final boss Yes
0A Round Select Yes
0B Round selected Yes
0C Yes
0D Ninja boss selection Yes
0E Ninja boss Yes
0F Round clear Yes
10 Death Yes
11 Building 1 Yes
12 Building 2 Yes
13 Enemy Base Yes
14 Intro Yes
15 Yes
16 Boss explosion Yes
17 Yes


Shinobi II: The Silent Fury

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