Shiny Entertainment

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Shiny Entertainment
Founded: 1993-10-01
Defunct: 2007-10-09
Merged with: The Collective
Merged into: Interplay Productions (1995), Infogrames (2002-04), Foundation 9 Entertainment (2006-07)
1088 North Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, California, United States[1]

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Shiny Entertainment was an American video game developer most known as the creator of the Earthworm Jim series.


Shiny Entertainment was founded by David Perry on October 1, 1993 as an independent video game development studio. Named after the 1991 R.E.M. song Shiny Happy People, it was headquartered in Laguna Beach, California, directly on the busy Pacific Coast Highway and only a three minutes' walk from the water.

Shiny was acquired by Interplay in May 1995[2], and then sold to Infogrames in 2002[3].

In 2006, Foundation 9 Entertainment acquired Shiny Entertainment. The developer was then merged with The Collective to form Double Helix Games in 2007.