Shoko Kambe

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Shoko Kambe
Employment history:
Sega (2010-04[1][2] – )
Role(s): Artist
Education: Musashino Art University (2006-2010)[1]

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Shoko Kambe (神戸 祥子) is a graphic designer at Sega of Japan. After joining CS R&D Dept. #2 in 2010, her first works were Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations as a user interface designer. After that she was moved to the Puyo Puyo franchise, becoming an art director, while still contributing to UI, logos and title screens[2]. She later designed the Space Channel 5 20th Anniversary logo.

Some of Kambe's favourite Sega game series before joining were Puyo Puyo and Yakuza[2].

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