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Shout! Design Works
Founded: 1992[1]

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Shout! Design Works Co., Ltd. (株式会社シャウトデザインワークス) was a Japanese video game developer most known as the creators of the Tokyo Majin Gakuen Denki franchise.


Shout! Design Works was established in 1992 by Shuuhou Imai (今井秋芳), also known by the alias Akishi Imai (今井昭志), to support his freelance work. Imai previously worked at Atlus as a pixel artist. The company was best known for the Tokyo Majin Gakuen franchise, which came about from Imai's desire to work on an original creative project rather than just contract work.[1]

After Shout! closed down, Imai migrated to Now Production, where he would later head a spiritual successor to the Tokyo Majin franchise with Mato Kurenai Yuugekitai / Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters.[1]


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