Sony Electronic Publishing

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SonicElectronicPublishing logo.png
Sony Electronic Publishing
Founded: 1991-01
Defunct: 1997?
T-series code: T-93
United States

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Sony Electronic Publishing was a North American subsidiary of Sony established in April 1991. It existed to publish video games in the Western world, taking over these duties from Sony Imagesoft (known as CSG Imagesoft until this point) which became a subsidiary of Sony Electronic Publishing.

With the two sharing similar logos and coexisting during the early 1990s, Sony Electronic Publishing and Sony Imagesoft are frequently confused. Sony Imagesoft appears to have continued to fulfil publishing duties in North America, while Sony Electronic Publishing would takeover publishing duties in Europe around 1994, as well as overseeing other Sony-related video game projects in the West, most notably the creation of the PlayStation. As Sony Imagesoft was at this point owned by Sony Electronic Publishing, later Imagesoft games appear to use Electronic Publishing's T-series code.

In 1995 Sony Imagesoft became Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA), and by 1997 oversight of this division had been absorbed back into its Japanese counterpart, Sony Computer Entertainment. Sony Electronic Publishing is thought to have been disbanded or renamed around this period, and Sony would go on to streamline all of its video game operations under the Sony Computer Entertainment brand.