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Sports Trivia: Championship Edition
System(s): Sega Game Gear
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Table

Number of players: 1-2 (alternating)
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Game Gear
$29.9929.99[2] 2450
ESRB: Kids to Adults

Sports Trivia: Championship Edition is a Sega Game Gear sports quiz game released exclusively in North America. It is an update to Sports Trivia.


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Sample questions

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The game is a trivia competition that takes the form of a American football game, where players answer questions to try to gain yardage. Compared to the previous version, the Championship Edition has many more questions covering 11 different sports categories: football (pro and college), basketball (pro and college), baseball, hockey, golf, tennis, boxing, auto racing, and the Olympics. It now shows the category in the background behind the question. It can be played by one player (against the computer) or two players (taking turns). Computer opponents have randomized plays rather than answering questions. There are three difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, or Hard), and games are divided into four quarters (of 3, 5, or 10 minutes, with 3 being the default).

The game starts with a kick-off, where the computer (in a one-player game) or the first player (in a two-player game) kicks the ball. The distance that the ball is kicked is determined randomly. The receiving player catches the ball and must answer trivia questions to determine how far the ball is run down the field toward the opponent's end zone. The player is asked questions until getting one wrong, with yardage awarded based on how many questions are answered correctly and how quickly they are answered.

When answering a question, the player can wait for the entire question to be read out or stop the question at any time by pressing 1 to answer it (though this prevents the rest of the question from being read out). Each question has four possible answers. The player can use Up or Down to select an answer and press 1 to choose it. Selecting the blank answer above the other answers or pressing 2 before highlighting any other answer calls an "audible" (requests a different question). Each player has a limited number of audibles per game (from 0 to 5, with 5 being the default). After answering, a sound effect indicates if the question was answered correctly. Faster answers award more yardage. When the player is being asked multiple questions, answering a question wrong ends the questions (and thus the opportunity to gain more yardage). The player has 40 seconds to answer a question (and the question is considered wrong if the player runs out of time). Time for the quarter ticks down while players are answering questions.

Each player gets four downs (sets of questions) to try to run the ball down the field. If the player can move the ball at least ten yards downfield during a set of downs, the player's team receives another first down and retains possession of the ball. Otherwise, the other player gets possession. There are multiple offensive and defensive plays to choose from, with the number of questions asked varying depending on the play chosen. In one-player games, the player chooses offensive plays when having possession and defensive plays when the computer has possession. In two-player games, both players only choose offensive plays and pass the Game Gear around depending on who has possession.



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Offensive plays

When the player's team has possession of the ball, the following plays are available:

  • Run: Runs the ball down the field. Asks one question; getting the question wrong results in being tackled after a very short distance or fumbling the ball and possibly losing possession.
  • Short Pass: Throws the ball down the field. Asks two questions; getting a question wrong results in an incomplete pass.
  • Long Pass: Throws the ball farther down the field. Asks three questions; getting a question wrong results in an incomplete pass.
  • Field Goal: When the player's line of scrimmage is within 35 yards of the opposing team's end zone, the player can attempt a field goal for 3 points. The number of questions asked depends on the distance to the goal, with the field goal more likely to be good if the player gets more of them right.
  • Punt: Punts the ball down the field, where the other team can take possession. This is usually done on the last down to try to ensure a more favorable field position when the opposing team takes possession. Asks three questions; unlike the other plays, all three questions are always asked even if the player gets one wrong.

After getting a touchdown (running or throwing the ball all the way to the opposing team's end zone, worth 6 points), the player can choose to try either an extra point (a field goal for 1 additional point for answering one question correctly) or a two-point conversion (running the ball for 2 additional points for answering two questions correctly). The scoring player does a kick-off, similar to the start of the game, to give the other team possession.


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Defensive plays

When the computer has possession of the ball, the following plays are available:

  • Run Defense: Defends if the computer is running the ball, which it usually does on the first down or when it only needs a couple of yards.
  • Short Zone: Defends against a run or a short pass. The computer can still gain a few yards from this play, but it prevents against big plays.
  • Nickel: Defends against a long pass.
  • Blitz: A higher-risk play that increases the amount of yards gained by the computer if answered wrong but can result in a sack or a interception if answered correctly.
  • Block Kick: Defends against a punt or a field goal.

All defensive plays ask one question and reduce the amount of yardage gained by the computer if answered correctly. The defensive play is more effective if it counters the computer's offensive play. Sometimes a defensive play can result in the player gaining possession of the ball from a fumble or interception.

When returning a kick-off, fumble, punt, or interception, the player is asked questions until getting one wrong, which determines how far the ball is run.

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Sports Trivia: Championship Edition

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Sports Trivia: Championship Edition

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