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StarHorse medal JP.png
System(s): Sega NAOMI
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Simulation

Number of players: 1-10
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (NAOMI)
¥? 840-0055B (Live/Backup)
Arcade (NAOMI)
¥? ?

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StarHorse (スターホース), commonly abbreviated as StaHo (スタホ), is an arcade horse racing game released by Sega in 2000. It is the first in the long-running StarHorse series.


At the start of the game, the player will create their own horse by selecting a parent horse and investing the necessary amount of medals. The player can then raise this horse,, enter them in races, and win prize money. The horse's progress can be saved by putting them out to pasture, upon which the player receives a password which will resume gameplay. However, this save data is erased if it is not restored within one month of being activated.

Using the touch panel, the player can interact with their horse and strengthen their connection, affecting the horse's emotions by stroking, praising or scolding them. The stronger the connection between horse and owner, the harder the horse will try to live up to the owner's expectations.

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