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Mega Drive version

Extra options

SoR MD RoundSelect.png

On the main menu, hold A+B+C+Right on the second controller while selecting "options" with the first. Two new options will then be visible - one for adjusting the number of lives, and one for selecting which round to start on[1]. These options are enabled by default in 3D Streets of Rage.

Master System version

Level select

On the Player Select screen, press Right 20 times, then press 1 a certain amount of times equal to the desired level minus 1 (e.g., press 1 4 times to start from Round 5).

Game Gear version

Extra options

SoR GG RoundSelect.png

In the options menu, set Sound Test to 11 and press 1+2. This will add a level select and an invincibility option to the menu[2].


Streets of Rage

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