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Mega Drive version

Extra options

SoR MD RoundSelect.png

On the main menu, hold A+B+C+Right on the second controller while selecting "options" with the first. Two new options will then be visible - one for adjusting the number of lives, and one for selecting which round to start on. These options are enabled by default in 3D Streets of Rage.

Extra continues


On the title screen, press Left Left B B B C C C Start.

Master System version

Level select


On the Player Select screen, press Right 20 times, then press 1 a certain amount of times equal to the desired level minus 1 (e.g., press 1 4 times to start from Round 5).

Game Gear version

Extra options

SoR GG RoundSelect.png

In the options menu, set Sound Test to 11 and press 1+2. This will add a level select and an invincibility option to the menu.


Streets of Rage

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