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Hidden levels

Four hidden "retro" levels exist within Streets of Rage 4 which recreating boss fights from Streets of Rage 2 (complete with the original Mega Drive graphics). The player is given one life in which to complete the scene, and once the boss is defeated, a star is rewarded.

All are accessed in the same way; pick up a taser and attack an arcade cabinet. This idea is inspired by various works of fiction from the 1990s, such as the manga Video Girl Ai, the TV series Weird Science or Jackie Chan's movie City Hunter which used power surges applied to machines as plot devices[1].

Before the R08 major update of 10 March 2023, characters that cannot pick up weapons (Zan, Shiva and Roo) could not access these stages. Attacking the arcade machines with anything other than tasers would just cause them to break and leave behind a money bag. Since the R08 update, they can enter those stages by attacking them with a defensive special move.

Stage 2: Police Precinct

SoR4 HiddenStage1.png

Sends you to Downtown, the first stage of Streets of Rage 2, to fight Jack.

Stage 4: Old Pier

SoR4 HiddenStage2.png

Sends you to the Amusement Park, the third stage of Streets of Rage 2, to fight Zamza.

Stage 5: Underground

SoR4 HiddenStage3.png

Sends you to the Stadium, the fourth stage of Streets of Rage 2, to fight Abadede.

Stage 8: Art Gallery

SoR4 HiddenStage4.png

Sends you to the Syndicate Stronghold, the eighth stage of Streets of Rage 2, to fight Shiva and Mr. X.

Play as Roo-SoR3


On the main menu:

  • On PlayStation platforms, hold Up + Square and press  OPTIONS .
  • On Xbox platforms, hold Up + X and press  MENU .
  • On Switch, hold Up + Y and press Plus.
  • On PC
  • Controllers: hold Up + "Attack" and press  START .
  • Keyboard: hold Up +  F1  and press  Enter .

On PC, if your controller doesn't even have a start button, you can always do the cheat code by mixing button inputs with your keyboard.

Now when selecting a character, Roo from Streets of Rage 3 will be available. In order for the character to remain unlocked, the player either has to beat a story mode stage with Roo, or play with the character in Survival mode.

Extra vials in Stage 5


When fighting in the bar, if the player walks upwards towards the Roo cameo, three vials will be spawned.

This became a feature after the 2020-09-07 patch.

Unused content

Tatsu and Tora


Goro enemy variants, Tatsu and Tora exist in the stock Streets of Rage 4 game and are fully functional, but would not be used until the Mr. X Nightmare DLC's Survival mode.

Internal enemy names

References to old or placeholder enemy names exist within the game's source:

Internal name Final name
Kalaas Beyo
Mariah Riha
Electra Belle
Georgia Caramel
Janet Candy
Tin Iron
Karate Goro
Karate2 Tatsu
Karate_masa Dokuja
Karate_tiger Tora
Elite Murphy
Elite_l3_gold Ralphy
Elite_l4_dark Dunphy
Elite_l5_shadow Shadow
Elite_l6_light Sand
Cop Feroccio
Cop2 Dick
Copbad Barney
Copbad2 Lou

Unused graphics

"Base" enemies


"Base" versions of Galsia, Donovan, Signal, Dylan and Diamond exist in the game's files. These likely exist to assist the creation of new colour variants.


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