Sukeban Jansi Ryuko

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Sukeban Jansi Ryuko
System(s): Sega System 16A, Sega System 16B
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Table

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (System 16)
¥? ?

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Sukeban Jansi Ryuko (スケバン雀士 竜子) is an adult arcade mahjong game for the Sega System 16A and 16B by Whiteboard released exclusively in Japan in 1989 (copyrighted in 1988).


An evil group is trying to take over Japan. It's up to Ryuko to stop it by facing their members in strip mahjong.


To win a match, the player must reduce the opponent's score to zero or lower. If it happens to the player, Ryuko loses most of her clothes (minus her shoes and socks) and the game is over.

Production credits

  • Game Designer: カナヤマ58000
  • Programer: カメイジロー, ミツアミ マルチャン
  • Graphic Designer: ミツアミ マルチャン, ヒノーイ トリウミ, オンシラズ カナヤマ
  • Sound: サイジ, ヤマカケ ソウタロー, ナニガ カメー, ワクチン マルヤマ
  • Voice: モロバン3プンコ
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