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Super Blocky Mode

SuperMonkeyBallJr GBA SuperBlockyMode 1.png

SuperMonkeyBallJr GBA SuperBlockyMode 2.png

On the title screen, press LeftLeftRightRightDownDownA. This halves the vertical resolution of the 3D sections in an attempt to boost frame rates.

Super Enable All

SuperMonkeyBallJr GBA SuperEnableAll.png

On the title screen, press DownDownUpUpLeftRightLeftRightBA. This unlocks everything in the game.

Super Nice Try

SuperMonkeyBallJr GBA SuperNiceTry.png

On the title screen, input the Konami code (UpUpDownDownLeftRightLeftRightBA). Aside from the title screen, nothing else changes - it's just an Easter egg, and remarkably similar to the "real" enable all cheat mentioned above.


Super Monkey Ball Jr.

SMBJr Title.png

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Prototypes: 2002-08-06