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Swatch Access for Dreamcast
Made for: Sega Dreamcast
Manufacturer: Sega, Swatch

Swatch Access for Dreamcast was a planned peripheral for the Sega Dreamcast that interfaced with Swatch Access watches; a series of watches with one of two types of data chips inside them: a SkiData chip, which allows for access to various ski resorts, or a chip that allowed for payment of all sorts of things, including drinks, public transport, museum passes and tickets.

By using "Internet & Wearable" technology, the Swatch Access watch would have interfaced with the Dreamcast via a controller plugin using the RFID technology inside the watch. Data could then be written to and from the watch while also ultilising the console's internet capabilties (one example was the ability to buy cinema tickets online and then use the watch as proof of payment, though this required special machines set to be built by Sega).

The technology was first announced on the 24th February 2000[1] with a planned launch around April or May, with an asking price between ‎¥15,000 and ‎¥20,000[1][2]. Dream Passport 3 would have been compatible with the device[2]. The project was, however, scrapped for unknown reasons.

The peripheral was part of a cooperation between Swatch and Sega; another development between the two companies was Swatch Internet Time.

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