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File Date Source Title and comments
1993-12-03 Hippon Super (JP), "January 1994" "TV game・broad-way"
Version Rating Awards Calculated score
NTSC-J 5/10
Logo-pdf.svg 1993-12-08 Beep! MegaDrive (JP), "January 1994" "BE-Mega dog race"
The game description reads "The sequel to the early GG mahjong game HaoPai. It features a free play match against 7 unique mahjong players and tournament/league match against 13 unique mahjong players."

The reviewers all have different experiences with the game. Game beginner girl 青山ようこ says it's a colorful game, good for people wanting something different out of a mahjong game, as well as difficult even for skilled mahjong players, and being able to link Game Gears for multiplayer should be fun. Foreign game user OLIX光治 also thinks this is a good feature and the game is overall easy to get into, but doesn't like the strange characters' personalities or the fact the computer player doesn't seem to track the discarded tiles. Game mania group ハイローラーズ's ロ says it is one of the better GG mahjong games, noting the quirky characters, but also saying it's worth checking out for the normal mahjong game. General game user ジャムおじさん finds it an OK game when playing against friends, as computer players are fairly easy to win against, and overall the game is not good as Gambler Jiko Chuushinha.

Version Rating Awards Calculated score
NTSC-J 6/10   4/10   6/10   6/10
Logo-pdf.svg 1993-12-08 Beep! MegaDrive (JP), "January 1994" "Beep! Game Gear"
The game is reported as 100% complete. Says that the Game Gear already has plenty of mahjong software, but none have as intriguing a cast of characters as this, though can also be played as a standard mahjong game.
Logo-pdf.svg 1995-08-08 Sega Saturn Magazine (JP), "September 1995" "Beep! MegaDrive readers final rating"
It continued up until then in Sega Saturn Magazine.

Version Rating Awards Calculated score
NTSC-J 7.3225/10

Taisen Mahjong HaoPai 2

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