Taisen Puzzle Kurutto Stone

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Taisen Puzzle Kurutto Stone
System(s): Sega NAOMI
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Puzzle

Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (NAOMI)
¥235,000[1] ?

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Taisen Puzzle Kurutto Stone (対戦パズル クルットストーン) is the first puzzle game to run on the NAOMI arcade board. This game was shown at the AOU Show 1999 and was released in March.[2] However, there is no information on the actual operation of the game, and it may have been unreleased.


Taisen Puzzle Kurutto Stone is a falling blocks puzzle game, in which the player needs to align 3 blocks of the same color to make them disappear, needing to move the cursor and rotate a set of blocks as they fall. The game is played with 2 buttons and a single joystick.[2]

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