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Takahiro Fukada
Employment history:
Sega of Japan[1] (1996-07[2] – 1999-06[2])
Role(s): Localiser[2]
Education: Sophia University (Comparative Culture)

Takahiro Fukada (深田 崇裕) is a former public relations employee at Sega of Japan. He also translated the lyrics for the vocal songs in Sonic Adventure.

Despite almost always being credited by his actual name, his last name is often misspelled as "Fukuda." This is due in part to the Sons of Angels (now Crush 40) album Thrill of the Feel, where he is credited as such for his work on "Open Your Heart," the album's bonus track. He is also credited correctly later in the album (under Jun Senoue's "Thanks" section), albeit with an additional nickname: "Gary."

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Sonic Adventure

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Sonic Adventure 2

  • Unknown from M.E. ...Theme of "Knuckles" (SA2 Version) — Words Translation (w/Takayoshi Umeno) [NOTE: Original lyrics only]

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