Takayuki Suzuki (executive)

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Not to be confused with Sega of Japan quality assurance tester Takayuki Suzuki (鈴木 孝行).
Takayuki Suzuki
Place of birth: Japan
Date of birth: 1964-05-30[1] (age 59)
Employment history:
Role(s): Executive, Composer, Musician

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Takayuki Suzuki (鈴木隆志) is a Japanese musician and executive, most known as a key member of Goblin Sound[1], a founder of Opus[2], and a developer at NCS and Jorudan.


In March 1990, Takayuki Suzuki founded game audio production company Opus, and would utilize the Goblin Sound sound driver in a number of future Sega Mega Drive games.[2]

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