Burning Force

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Did... SoA try to hide the fact that Burning Force starred a woman?

Hm. Looking at the US box... it always struck me how its drawn/painted to appear as if you're not controlling Hiromi. Deliberately so. Then I look at the back of the box. In fact, you're not Hiromi, you're a cadet training beside Hiromi. Now normally I'd chock this up to SoA doing their whole "YOU can do this, YOU can be in the game!" angle, but they go really far out of their way to mention that you're NOT Hiromi.

I don't mean to sound like a conspiracy theory, but this whole "you're not Hiromi" thing wasn't in Namco of America's marketing, so it had to have been on SoA's end (or if not them, whoever was handling their box art production). I don't know, maybe it's nothing, but- just something I want to look a little more into...

EDIT: More thoughts. I knew the SoA box art was obviously based off the original one Namco (of America?) produced for the West, but as I look at it more... If you gave an artist the original Namco of America art and said "draw this, but make it look like you're not controlling the woman", that SoA box art is pretty much what you'd get. Hm... CartridgeCulture (talk) 08:39, 30 September 2021 (EDT)