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Director of Marketing, Sega Sports Directed marketing operations for Sega's Sports division, which accounted for 35% of Sega's software unit sales. Grew Sega Sports' Saturn product line from scratch in 1995 to a $50 million business. Directed introduction and marketing of over 20 sports titles for Genesis and Saturn. Responsibilities included strategic development of the brand and licensee relationship management with the leagues. Managed staff of three.

Director of Marketing, Sega Genesis Recruited from CAPCOM by Sega in May 1994, and joined Sega at the custom-created level of Director. Oversaw marketing operations for Sega's top product line, a $500 million business segment that included both hardware and software. Introduced "Sega Club," a line of video games specifically targeted to kids aged 3-11. Responsibilities included strategic development of the brand as well as management of a volatile business on the downside of the category life cycle. Managed staff of six.

Ok wow, 35% of sales. I don't doubt that, and its something we already knew, but I don't know if we had an exact number for it. 35%! dang! CartridgeCulture (talk) 03:00, 19 November 2021 (EST)