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Details of contract work?

So I found Scott Allen on LinkedIn. And it's him. But only issue: He says he started working for SoA in 2007. Disregarding that being the year our current production credits end (could easily just be his newer games not having production credits on their articles/etc), he specifically says thats when he started working as a contract graphic designer - he wasn't doing contract work before.

95-99 work was through Psygnosis, 2000- mid 2007 work was through Konami. So did.. Sega of America subcontract out minor work like this? Was he doing very minor freelance for Sega from the beginning, and only marks 2007 on his LinkedIn as when he like- entered into a more official role, or got a more significant contract/s? It's not overly significant in the long run, but it'd be interesting if his work was legitimately subcontracted through the company he was working for at the time - and it'd serve as a good example of SoA doing minor subcontracting work like this. Anyway. CartridgeCulture (talk) 07:19, 11 November 2021 (EST)