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Storing this section here. It's part of a second interview, and I've cut it because it basically restates what the first, sourced one does (and that one does it better too). But I don't know. Just putting it here instead of deleting it entirely.


Seghetti later expanded on the lawsuit in a second interview by an unknown source:

Sega never made stormlord cartridges. Razorsoft decided to make their own cartridges, instead of buying them from Sega, to save money. If you look at a Stormlord cartridge, you can see the plastics are different than what Sega makes.

Sega had 2 different methods of profiting from 3rd party cartridges: – Licensing Fees (which Razorsoft paid) – Manufacturing Fees (which Razorsoft chose not to pay, by making carts themselves).

I don’t think Sega ever intended anyone to make their own carts, so they were surprised by this. A lawsuit did ensure, the resolution of which was never revealed, as they were sealed as part of the settlement. I wasn’t privy to the details of the lawsuit.

Stormlord programmer Kevin Seghetti[1]