Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord

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Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord
System(s): PlayStation 3
Publisher: Atlus (US), NIS America (Europe, Australia)
Genre: RPG[1]

Number of players: 1[1]
Release Date RRP Code
Sony PlayStation 3
$39.9939.99[2] ?
ESRB: Teen
Sony PlayStation 3
ESRB: Teen
Sony PlayStation 3
€39.9939.99[2] ?
PEGI: 12+
Sony PlayStation 3
€?? ?
PEGI: 12+
Sony PlayStation 3
€?? ?
USK: 12
Sony PlayStation 3
USK: 12
Sony PlayStation 3
€39.9939.99[2] ?
PEGI: 12+
Sony PlayStation 3
€?? ?
PEGI: 12+
Sony PlayStation 3
£?? ?
PEGI: 12+
Sony PlayStation 3
PEGI: 12+
Sony PlayStation 3
$?? ?
Sony PlayStation 3

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Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord is a strategy role-playing game developed by AquaPlus for the PlayStation 3, and the sequel to Tears to Tiara. The North American version of the game was published by Atlus. It was distributed by NIS America in Europe.

First run copies for the game included a bonus 31 page Visual Works Art Book featuring art from the game.


A Tale of a Forgotten Goddess and an Overlord

The province of Hispania suffers under the cruel dominance of the Divine Empire.

In one of its towns within the countryside, a young boy named Hamil toils every day in heavy labor.

He is a descendant of the royal family of Hispania, though no trace of that proud lineage remains now.

He can only watch on powerlessly as the Imperial Army lashes out on his impoverished and exhausted people. One day, however, a strange girl appears before him.

Her name is Tarte.

A self-proclaimed goddess, she calls upon him to bear arms against the Empire, but her summons go unanswered, as Hamil keeps his distance.

However, when Tarte is kidnapped by the Imperial Army, Hamil becomes intertwined in a rebellion all across Hispania...


The sole survivor of Hispania’s royal bloodline. A reserved and kind boy.

His father, an Imperial noble and governor of the province, was killed seven years ago for the crime of plotting a rebellion. As the son of a traitor, Hamil has lived under the Empire's watch ever since.

In order to overthrow the Empire, Hamil lives under the guise of a weak and cowardly boy, but in truth, he is a composed tactician. He has inherited his father’s will and is waiting for an opportunity to destroy the Empire and earn Hispania's independence. His secret, furtive desires summon Tarte.

"Why can’t everyone just live quietly? If we fight, so many will die..."

Hamil's close friend, though “partner in crime” may be more apt. Dion claims that he’s a descendant of the sage of the east, but he himself does not emit any intellect or class. He attends a vocational school with Hamil.

Dion's a coward, but is easily swept up by emotion. He wants to be popular with the ladies and dreams of becoming a singing and dancing sage, which he later learns is a minstrel.

"I'm running away. I'm running away as fast as I can! I don't care what you guys say!"

Headmaster of the village’s vocational school. He also concurrently teaches students in every subject other than martial arts, mostly by himself. Enneads loves knowledge and technology, and lectures in a very courteous manner. However, he is strict on those who ditch his lectures.

The valedictorian his year in military academy, Enneads was once part of Hispania’s central government with a promising military career, before he was demoted to his current post.

"Since you have entered the school, you are my student. I'll be sure you study diligently."

A daughter of Imperial nobility. Elissa’s father is a wealthy merchant and the governor of a trade city. She is also a distant relative of Hamil.

Elissa has been sent on a mission to Hispania in accordance to her father’s wishes, in order to support their rebellion and forge a stronger relationship between Hispania and her hometown.

As Elissa was raised with no freedom—due to her status as nobility—she has a lot of pride and does as she pleases. Since her father’s business is spread so far, Elissa is strict when it comes to calculating profit and loss. She does not enjoy fighting.

"I cannot comprehend it! What advantages are there for forming an alliance with Hispania?"

A daughter of a tribe living at the Rhenus River fortress. Artio hates corruption and is quick to get into a fight, but her feelings for her tribe cannot be beat.

Her specialty is hunting, so she takes the pelts that she skinned from her game and sells to the merchants within the Empire’s territory. As such, she is well-informed of the Empire’s domestic affairs. Since her tribe’s territory shares a border with the Empire, there are many skirmishes, and she often gets hurt without telling anyone.

Artio is in a close relationship with Saul, the borderlands platoon leader, and has gotten into fights with him a number of times.

"What, you picking a fight!? If you think you can go easy on me 'cause I’m a girl, you’ll regret it!"

The borderlands platoon leader who protects the Gistel River fortress near the eastern border of the Empire.

Golyat fights against the savage tribes day and night. He learned of their traditions, and wears the shrunken heads of the enemies that he has beheaded—this has caused him to become infamously feared and earned him the nickname of “Savage Eater.” Saul was his underling in the past.

Golyat is daring and resolute, and he views combat as the reason for his existence. He considers his attacks, which utilize his massive body, his specialty, but he also excels in planning strategy, as he does not use simple tactics.

"Gwah hah hah hah haa! You fools! You're late! Entirely too late!"

An Imperial knight in Izebel’s council of advisors. Laelius was born into a family of knights and vows absolute loyalty to the Empire. He still holds onto the antiquated mindset of chivalry and is unyielding in his belief, but that stubborn quality of his earns him the trust of the Imperial Army.

He looks up to Izebel and believes that the Imperial moral code and way of life lie with her. Laelius’s wish for order and stability in the Empire is second to none, so he cannot forgive the rebellion in Hispania. He will mercilessly punish anyone who betrays the Empire.

"Hmph. The quality of Imperial soldiers has declined. This is what we get for promoting destitute commoners, after all."

An engineering bureaucrat who was around at the birth of the Divine Empire. Aemilia has directed construction and transportation in the old Empire, and is also well-acquainted with finances.

Aemilia firmly believes in three things: that she is a genius, that technology can solve any problem in the world, and that advancement in technology is the best means to lead humanity to happiness. She’s a workaholic and favors efficiency, even dressing like a man in order to increase her mobility in the Empire.

As the old Empire shifted to theocracy, the engineering bureaucrats - many of whom share the same beliefs as her - have strayed away from the Divine Empire.

"I’m just a humble official. I'm in a position to manage the engineering bureaucrats in Central. One could call it a government job, same as you?"

The borderlands platoon leader who protects the Rhenus River fortress near the western border of the Empire. He has worked his way up from an ordinary civilian and accrued plenty of battle experiences. His platoon also places a lot of trust in him.

In order to protect the peace in the frontier, Saul does not skip a day in patrolling the border. He originally hails from Lusitania, located in the western regions of the Empire, but has battled in the eastern frontier when he was young.

Due to his extended stay in the frontier, Saul's crude use of language stands out, but his overwhelming might is feared even by the tribes.

"Silence, you worthless tribesperson! What made you think you could start a fight within my base?"

Acting governor of Hispania, and commander of the Imperial Army of the western border.

Izebel was one of the closest subordinates of the previous governor (Hamil’s father), but as soon as she learned about plans of rebellion, she switched allegiance to the Empire, which led to his death. She was awarded with authority equal to the province’s governor and now rules over Hispania.

Though she has a memorable, voluptuous smile and behaves like everyone’s best friend, she is cunning and cold-blooded. Izebel becomes a fearsome enemy in battle.

"Oh! You want to kill me, is that it? Just look at those hatred-filled eyes! It gives me the chills!"

A girl acknowledged as a temple priestess. She serves the head priest Hamil and the goddess Tarte. Charis may be a bit young, but knows exactly what needs to be done, whether it be running errands for Hamil or cleaning the temple in the village.

Ever since Tarte descended upon the world, Charis has served as her handmaiden. With a bright and lively personality, she looks up to Hamil and Tarte as older siblings.

"My goddess, can I touch you? Can I hug you!?"

The caretaker of the fortress-city of Tartessos. Despite her appearance, Kleito isn’t human, but a daughter of the strongest and wisest of all ancient beings: the dragon tribe. The few who know her true identity address her as the dragon god.

Although she tends to keep quiet, she is intellectual and excels as a caretaker. And though she is well-versed in ancient folklore, she does not speak about the secrets of the dragons.

"*yawn* It's so loud here, isn't it? I can't doze off like this..."

A former slave who works as Elissa’s servant. Daphnis was bought by Elissa’s family at an early age and freed, and now willfully waits upon Elissa. As her bodyguard, he dresses as a girl in order to follow Elissa wherever she goes.

Although indecisive and timid, Daphnis shadows Elissa—who often finds herself in dangerous situations due to her personality—and assists her in whatever way he can.

"I will go with Lady Elissa and protect her with my life!"

A martial-arts instructor of a vocational school. As Enneads’s aid, Monomachus teaches the village children. When he was younger, he was known as the strongest warrior in Hispania, and even after he retired from the battlefield, he served as an advisor to the late governor.

Monomachus values earnest fortitude and valor, and often favors military action.

"Honestly, a senile old fool like me can't understand what Lord Hamil is thinking..."

A girl from the spirit world. The goddess of prosperity and war who has been worshipped since ancient times. Though called a deity, she is in truth a daughter of the elf tribe, who walked the earth before mankind.

She may sometimes be arrogant for a goddess, but is compassionate and direct. Every day, she wishes to become a wise and benevolent goddess who teaches and guides mankind. She has been with Hamil’s family for ages and, in accordance with his wishes, decides to help fight against the Empire.

Due to her lengthy stay in the spirit world, she has strong aspirations for the earth and is full of curiosity.

"It's been awhile, my servant. Have you become a little more interesting?"



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