Tetris The Grand Master 4: The Masters of Round

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Tetris The Grand Master 4: The Masters of Round
System(s): Sega RingWide
Developer: Arika
Planned release date(s): 2009

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Tetris The Grand Master 4: The Masters of Round is a Tetris game by Arika that was slated for release on the Sega RingWide arcade platform in 2009, presumably exclusively in Japan. Such a release hasn't happened yet; the rumored reasons are numerous and have caused controversy among Tetris fans. The closest to an official word is from the blog of Arika vice president Ichiro Mihara, who complained that he would not allow it to be released out of anger at foreign Tetris games copying the series's unique features (a common complaint of his)[1]. Problems with both The Tetris Company and Sega refusing to release the game are also persistent rumors.

In June 2015, Arika began location testing for The Grand Master 4 in Japan[2]. A Western location test was also carried out at the Round1 Puente Hills Mall in the United States[3], with the game localised as The Grand Master 2015. However, whether or not the game has been officially cancelled is unknown; the official information stream has long stopped.


Location testing

Location tests
Venue Start date End date Comments
Round1 Puente Hills Mall 2015

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