The 3DO Company

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The 3DO Company
Founded: 1991-09-12[1]
Defunct: 2003-05-28
Redwood City, California, United States

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The 3DO Company, founded as San Mateo Software Games before changing its name in 1992 was a video game development and publishing company founded by Trip Hawkins in 1991. It is most notable for releasing and managing its own video game console format, the 3DO, and before selling the console side of its business to Matsushita in 1996, the 3DO's successor, codenamed "M2".

The 3DO Company was in a position to develop software after making a series of acquisitions; Cyclone Studios in December 1995, Archetype Interactive in May 1996 and New World Computing in June 1996. Prior to this it largely just published games, though had a UK studio known as Studio 3DO (also listed as part of this article) which also produced software before being merged back into its parent company.

After abandoning its home console ambitions, The 3DO Company became proud owners of the Might and Magic, High Heat Baseball and Army Men series, before declaring bankruptcy in 2003.