The A-Team

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The A-Team
System(s): Sega Master System
Publisher: U.S. Gold
Developer: Probe Software
Status of prototype(s): Source code released and compiled
Sound driver: Master System Audio Driver

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The A-Team is an unreleased Sega Master System game. Based on the titular 1983 American television series The A-Team, it was scheduled to be developed by Probe Software and published by U.S. Gold in 1992.


On May 27, 2010, SMS Power!-user Kimuji asked the community how to play some of the game's music files he had previously acquired from its composer Jeroen Tel.[1] It was soon realized that the source code for an associated music player was included with the files. After the website's administrator Maxim stepped in to manually update the old assembler code. Two days later, he had finished compiling a working ROM.

Tel was reportedly very pleased about the soundtrack's recovery, and the following June he formally allowed The A-Team's source code, compiled sound test, and complete soundtrack to be released to the public and freely preserved.

Production credits

Metadata, developer statements[1]

Track list

1. Drums (0:04) 
2. Title (0:30) 
3. Intro (1:01) 
4. Savannah Level (0:10) 
5. River Level (0:51) 
6. Jungle Level (0:46) 
7. Military Level (1:01) 
8. Knock Jingle (0:05) 
9. Game Over (0:05) 
10. Won Game (0:03) 
11. Map Jingle (0:31) 
12. Uh Oh Boss (0:02) 
13. End Of Level (0:05) 
Running time: 5:14