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Sonic Production
  • QA Lead: Lucas Amutan
  • QA Compliance: Sing Tang, Matt Cain, Bryan Dang, Derrick Guiterrez, Felipe Souza
  • QA: Danny Le, Isaac Aquino Men, Vee Hien Nguyen, Gerald Rempis, Winry Winters, Armand Luigi Ventura, Alpas, Austin Calderon, Angel Gomez Alegria, Hy Ngo, Alex Puh, Andrew Rausch, Sam Thomson, Evan Valla, Brandon Garnica, Nicolas Johnson, A.J Sourvianthong, Allan Thomas
  • QA Manager: Dan Fehskens
  • Assistant QA Manager: Scott Williams, Scott Borakove
  • Customer Support: Mitchell Rankin
  • PD Operations & Submissions: Steven Kawafuchi, Shelley Chen, Alvin Lo
  • Director of PD Relations: Stuart Massie
  • Sr. Manager, QA & Dev Support: Carl Chen
Social Media
Public Relations
  • Director of Digital Sales: Rhys Cash
  • Senior Commercial Manager, Digital: Simon Cowley
  • Commercial Manager, Digital: James McNerney
PC Dev Services & Publishing
Finance and HR
Legal & Business Affairs
  • Senior Counsel: Katherine Zhang
  • Associate Counsel: Attiya Riasat
  • Senior Counsel: Jason Wong
  • Paralegal & Manager of Legal Operations: Samantha Munoz
  • Associate Legal Counsel: Maria Eleni Pasia
  • EVP, Head of Legal & Business Affairs: Jeff Shieh
Thank you SEGA for letting us make this game :)
And thank YOU for playing!
Happy April Fool's Day (observed)!
In-game credits



The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog

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