The Sacred Pools

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The Sacred Pools
System(s): Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Windows PC
Developer: The Code Monkeys, SegaSoft
Planned release date(s):

Sega Saturn
1996-11[1], 1996-12[2], 1997-02[3], 1997-11[4]

Windows PC

Genre: Action
Number of players: 1
Status of prototype(s): Found

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The Sacred Pools is an unreleased PC and Sega Saturn full motion video game. It was one of the first projects to be announced by the newly formed SegaSoft, and was to be a full motion video adventure game similar to the likes of Myst, seemingly set to take place across three CD-ROMs. Being technically independent from Sega, the team also planned to bring the game to the PlayStation.


The game featured at E3 1996 but was not seen afterwards. Prototypes have since been dumped.

During development the game was likely known as Rebellion. A prototype under that name has been found which shares similar video clips to The Sacred Pools (though the build of Rebellion is so early it's hard to know if the FMVs were planned to be used in the same way).

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Sega Studios LA
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