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Dreamcast version

Unlock VS CPU mode

TTotD DC JP UnlockVSCPUMode.png

TTotD DC US UnlockVSCPUMode.png

In the Japanese version, enter MKTKMHC, ESNRADS or GYROBBB as a password. How these codes differ is currently unknown.

In the North American version, the codes were changed to TODWKCP, CIZXSPI and PERKINS.

Unlimited continues (NTSC-J)

Enter NJYUUDO as a password.

Unlock free play (NTSC-U)

TTotD DC US FreePlay.png

Enter TESSAIS as a password. Now you can set the number of continues to "free play".

Unknown codes (NTSC-J)

WORDBOX and SSNTWHU are accepted as passwords but their effects are unknown.

Unknown codes (NTSC-U)

VKZWHBN, EUUKDCC, SMILEBI, OSERLCG, UFOVGJK, DLDDCDD, UECHODA and LUIPMAM are accepted as passwords but their effects are unknown.

Windows PC version


The Typing of the Dead

Typing of the Dead.png

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