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This Is Sega Test
Format: VHS
Studio: Green Mill Filmworks[1]
Publisher: Sega of America
Running time: 28:39
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This Is Sega Test is a 1996 documentary produced by Green Mill Filmworks[1] for Sega of America's game testing division, Sega Test. Defined as a "trainumentary" (a documentary intended for internal employee training), This Is Sega Test features interviews with both company executives and key game testers, and provides comprehensive information on an average tester's workday - including smoke breaks. Filmed primarily on June 15, 1995[2] and ultimately released for internal use on VHS sometime in 1996, it stands as a uniquely-preserved look into Sega of America's quality assurance workflow.

Production credits

  • Filmed on location at Sega of America in Redwood City, CA
  • Shot with the SONY CCD-V5000 Hi-8 camera on June 1995 - February 1996
  • Edited on February 23 - 27 1996 with the SONY EVO-9700 Hi-8 Dual Deck Editor
Green Mill Filmworks[1]


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