Tomohiro Nimura

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Tomohiro Nimura
Employment history:
Tokio Marine Nichido (1990-04[1] – 1992-03[1])
Role(s): Designer
Education: The University of Tokyo[1] (1990)

Tomohiro Nimura (荷村 知宏) is a game designer at Sega who also had some programming experience[2]. He has worked on home console games and mobile games.


After graduating from The University of Tokyo in 1990, Tomohiro Nimura joined the Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance company. 2 years later, he left said company and most likely joined Sega Enterprises. His earliest known contributions are some innovative technologies filed in March 1993, designing an automatic backup system to reduce players losing progress thanks to unexpected power failures[3] and a controller concept based a player's on eye movements[4].

The first game he is known to have worked on is The Hybrid Front[2]. After the game's development, he joined the Sega RPG Production department and co-designed the gameplay system for Magic Knight Rayearth with Akihiko Mukaiyama. His first role as lead game designer would come 4 years later, working on the Sega Software R&D Dept. 7/Overworks title Skies of Arcadia, including designing its innovative battle system[5].

Nimura then became involved with the Sakura Taisen entries on Sony PlayStation 2, but seems to have moved to mobile game development after this, and had been listed as a member of Sega WOW's mobile team in 2004[2].

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