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This is the basic plan for what sections an article on Retro should include, and in what order. This is WIP, so don't implement until it's finalised. Feel free to discuss and make changes.

The following text will be copy-pastable for newly created articles about games.

| bobscreen=
| developer=
| publisher=
| system=
| releases=
<!-- Things to do with the game itself: -->

Discuss ports, patches and regional differences.
Use template:versiontable for iOS/Android and similar.

==Downloadable content==

==Production credits==
* '''Role:''' Name
===Voice actors===

<!-- Gallery-based content: -->
==Digital manuals==
==Magazine articles==
{{mainArticle|{{PAGENAME}}/Magazine articles}}
==Promotional material==
==Photo gallery==
==Physical scans==
| console=
| region=
| front=
| back=
Sort by Sega > Home computers > Other.
Add template for listing barcodes/part numbers.

==Technical information==
===ROM dump status===
===Save data===
Savegame sizes, file names. Needs template.

==External links==