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Flip the boat

VirtuaFighter3 Model3 BoatFlip1.png

Stand here...

VirtuaFighter3 Model3 BoatFlip2.png

...and you'll sink....

VirtuaFighter3 Model3 BoatFlip3.png

... the boat will flip...

VirtuaFighter3 Model3 BoatFlip4.png

...and you'll... un-sink.

Shun Di's stage is comprised of floating wooden planks and a boat, each with physics applied to simulate what the fight would look like if taking place on water.

However, an oversight means that the combined weight of two Taka-Arashis can cause the boat to capsize if both players are standing on one of the corners. The game does not know how to handle this; while the boat will flip and characters will fall through the gap, it will not register as a ring out. Instead, characters will sink and be raised up in awkward ways (and if the players don't move, the boat will keep spinning).

To make matters worse, the boat has no texture on the underside, and as it can be moved out of position, will clip through other parts of the arena.

Not fixed in any version.


Virtua Fighter 3

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