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Web Vengeance
System(s): Windows PC
Publisher: SegaSoft
Number of players: 1
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Windows PC

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The Web Vengeance[2] software was an application for Web browsers developed and published by SegaSoft in 1997 as an "Interactive Desktop Distraction"[3][4]. With an initial price of $20 USD, it was later made available for free, along with the source code for two of its "weapon packs" ("Food Fight" and "Poo" packs), on SegaSoft's website after being discontinued.


The software allowes users to "ease their frustrations" on websites that were not of their liking by throwing "virtual" tomatoes, raw eggs, cats and other "nasty things" on them[5][6] (poo, dirty diapers, etc). A number of "Weapon Packs" was available separately for download at a price of $4.95 USD for each pack, wich users could download and use with the "Web Vengeance" software including a "Medieval Pack", a "Food Fight Pack" (free download), a "Urban Assault" pack (free, included in the installer), a "Military" pack, a "Construction" pack, a "Riot" pack and a "Poo" pack.

Being launched in 1997, the program was designed with Netscape Navigator 2.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0 in mind, and does not function with web modern browsers. It detects when websites are loaded and when pages change, so will attempt to keep track of scrolling and keep a record of destruction. Users can also save their destruction and distribute the file to others: SegaSoft kept a "hall of shame" ranking the most active users and the most destroyed websites.

Websites could be "protected" by adding the HTML:

<!-- WebVengeance Defended=YES -->

to the page's source. Many SegaSoft websites (including that of Web Vengeance) included this line, which would only be interpreted by the Web Vengeance software.


Physical scans

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Download.svg Download Web Vengeance
File: Web Vengeance Installer and SDK (Source Code) Alt.zip (1.94 MB) (info)
  • Web Vengeance Installer and SDK (source code for the "Food Fight" and "Poo" packs)[7]; packs included: "Urban Assault" and "Food Fight"
  • Operating System: Windows 95