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Wywy Group
Founded: 1976

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The Wywy Group, formerly known as the Dorema Wywy Group, is a Singaporean electronics manufacturing conglomerate and former official Sega video game distributor.


In 1993, Sega awarded the Wywy Group with the official product distribution rights for Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei. The conglomerate distributed the Sega Game Gear[1], Sega Mega Drive[2], Sega Mega CD 2[3], Multi-Mega[4], Sega 32X[5], Nomad, and Saturn, often through their chain of retail outlets "Wywy Shop". They also distributed a Mega Drive clone called Magic 2 along with the official Sega stickers.

The Wywy Group also purportedly partnered with Sega to open a Sega E-Zone location in Indonesia.


The Wywy Group has distributed video game products to the following countries.


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