Yukio Sato

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Yukio Sato
Date of birth: 1953-09-01[1] (age 70)
Employment history:
Role(s): Artist, Producer

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Yukio Sato (佐藤 幸夫) is a former artist at Sega of Japan who was at one one point art producer of Sega's Design/Sound Planning Promotion Office, before being promoted to design chief and technical director of Sega CS3.[3] At some point the later 90's, Sato left Sega, and became a producer and art director at Aspect. He and Aspect artist Shizuo Kato either joined or founded the company Re-Design (founded in 2007), with Yukio Sato acting as CEO[4] Sato and Kato later worked on Binary Domain through Digital Media Lab.

Yukio Sato is known for his distinct appearance, particularly his moustache.[6] His appearance was used as the basis for the character Seth in Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium.[7]

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Seth in Phantasy Star IV

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