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In-game credits
Super Thunder Blade MD credits.pdf

Sega TV Game Genga Gallery[2]

In-game high score table

The game also contains a high score table which may reference the following developers.


Music credits

ID Name Description Credits Used Comments
01 Burning Point[3] Stage 1[3] Yes Remix of Burning Point from Thunder Blade.
02 Thunder Blade[3] Stage 2[3] Yes Remix of Thunder Blade from Thunder Blade.
03 Type II[3] Stage 3[3] Yes Remix of Type II from Thunder Blade.
04 Type III[3] Stage 4 Yes
05 Boss[3] Yes
06 Big Boss[3] Yes
07 Game Over[3] Yes
08 Ending[3] Yes
09 Title[3] Yes
10 Name Entry[3] Yes


Super Thunder Blade

Supthunbld title.png

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