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For the unreleased Game Gear version, see We're Back (Game Gear).


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A Dinosaur's Tale
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Hi-Tech Entertainment
Licensor: Universal City Studios, Amblin Entertainment
Sound driver: GEMS
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
Videogame Rating Council: GA

A Dinosaur's Tale is a 1994 platformer for the Sega Mega Drive, developed by Funcom and published by Hi-Tech Entertainment, tying into the 1993 movie We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story.

The game was only released in the US. It is unrelated to the Super NES and Game Boy games based on the film (which are actually named after the film).


An inventor named Captain Neweyes has gone back in time to bring four dinosaurs back from the Jurassic period to modern New York City so that he can put them in the Museum of Natural History for children to see them. Neweyes' brother, Professor Screweyes, is trying to capture the dinosaurs for his own Eccentric Circus. Two children, an orphan boy named Louie and an upper-class girl named Cecilia, find the dinosaurs falling into the Hudson River and decide to help them find the museum.


A Dinosaur's Tale, Character Select.png

Character select

A Dinosaur's Tale, Pause Menu.png

Wishing Circle

The game is a side-scrolling platformer played as either of the two child protagonists, Louie or Cecilia. The kids walk with Left or Right, duck with Down, and jump with B. If they collect the Red Sneakers item, they can run by holding A. If they find a Boomerang item, they can throw boomerangs with C. There is also a Blue Sneakers item that increases their jump height. Item effects last until the player loses a life. They climb ladders (after jumping on them) with Up or Down.

Enemies are defeated by jumping on them or throwing boomerangs at them. Defeated enemies leave behind bubbles, which can be collected and used to buy items. During gameplay, the player can open the Wishing Circle by pausing the game with  START , which is a wheel of items that can be purchased with bubbles.

Some levels use a 3D perspective, played as one of the dinosaurs, which must dodge items and collect bubbles. The levels scroll forwards automatically, and the D-Pad moves the dinosaur in any direction. The vertical controls are inverted for the flying levels, similar to a flight sim (but this can be changed in the options).

The kids have three hit points, depicted as red caps for Louie or blue bows for Cecilia. If they lose all of their hit points, they lose a life the next time they take damage. Long falls and spikes instantly cost a life. The game ends if the player runs out of lives, but there are unlimited continues. There are three difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, and Hard).


Items are found in the levels or purchased from the Wishing Circle by pressing  START .

A Dinosaur's Tale, Items.png
Bubbles float up after an enemy is defeated. They can be collected and spent on items.
A Dinosaur's Tale, Items.png
A Dinosaur's Tale, Items.png
Red Cap (Louie) or Blue Bow (Cecilia)
Restores one hit point to Louie or Cecilia. Costs 5 bubbles.
A Dinosaur's Tale, Items.png
Blue Sneakers
Increases Louie or Cecilia's jump height. Costs 10 bubbles.
A Dinosaur's Tale, Items.png
Red Sneakers
Allows Louie or Cecilia to run by holding A while moving. Costs 10 bubbles.
A Dinosaur's Tale, Items.png
Gives Louie or Cecilia boomerangs that can be thrown at enemies with C. Costs 5 bubbles.
A Dinosaur's Tale, Items.png
Blue Bubble Shield
Temporarily makes Louie or Cecilia invincible. Costs 15 bubbles.
A Dinosaur's Tale, Items.png
Awards the player an extra life. Costs 25 bubbles.
A Dinosaur's Tale, Items.png
Find keys to unlock the cages in the final level.
A Dinosaur's Tale, Items.png
Checkpoint where Louie or Cecilia restarts after losing a life.


Louie plays the River Docks level first and the Cecilia's Apartment level third. Cecilia plays the Cecilia's Apartment level first and the River Docks level third. Their level order is otherwise the same.

A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 1.png

River Docks

A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 2.png

Flying over Central Park
Played as the Pteranodon Elsa.

A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 3-1.png

A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 3-1 Boss.png

A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 3-2.png

  • A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 3-1.png

  • A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 3-1 Boss.png

  • A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 3-2.png

Cecilia's Apartment

A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 4.png

To the Museum
Played as the Pteranodon Elsa.

A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 5.png

A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 5 Boss.png

  • A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 5.png

  • A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 5 Boss.png

TV Studio

A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 6.png

Scooter Ride
Played as the Triceratops Woog.

A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 7.png

The Parade
This is an autoscrolling level.

A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 8.png

Pick-up Skating
Played as the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 9.png

A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 9 Boss.png

  • A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 9.png

  • A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 9 Boss.png

Central Park at Night

A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 10.png

Circus Grounds

A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 11.png

Circus Tent

A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 12.png

A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 12 Boss.png

  • A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 12.png

  • A Dinosaur's Tale, Stage 12 Boss.png

Circus Cage Room
The children must find keys and open the cages. The final boss is defeated by releasing the birds from their cages one at a time by touching the animated one. Then the bird can attack Screweyes by touching it again when it flies to the middle of the screen and pressing C to send it to attack.

Production credits

  • Programming: Roar Flolo, Morten Ofstad
  • 3D Programming: Morten Ofstad
  • Editor Programming: Eivind Eklund, Ivar J. Olsen
  • Additional Programming: Carl H. Skaarstedt, Olav Morkrid
  • Background Graphics: Ole P. Rosenlund, Joachim Barrum, Tore Blystad, Ronnie Jensen
  • Sprite Graphics: Ole P. Rosenlund, Erik Bakken, Lars P. Arnfinsen, Joachim Barrum, Tore Blystad
  • Main Character Animation: Ole P. Rosenlund
  • Level Editing: Erik Bakken, Tore Blystad, Ronnie Jensen
  • Music: Kim Jensen
  • Game Design: Bjorn Roestoen, Gaute Godager, Ian Neil
  • Producers: Henning Rokling, Seth W. Rosenfeld
  • Executive Producer: Erik Gloersen
In-game credits
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A Dinosaur's Tale

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A Dinosaur's Tale

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