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After Burner Complete
System(s): Sega 32X
Publisher: Sega
Original system(s): Sega X Board
Peripherals supported: Six Button Control Pad, XE-1 AP
Genre: 3D Shooting[1], Shooting[2]

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega 32X
¥4,9804,980 GM-4006
Sega Rating: All Ages
Sega 32X
$49.9949.99[4] 84507
ESRB: Kids to Adults
Sega 32X
Sega 32X
Sega 32X
£39.9939.99[7][8] 84507-50
Sega 32X

After Burner Complete (アフターバーナー・コンプリート), also known as After Burner II Complete or simply After Burner, is an enhanced Sega 32X port of After Burner II, released in 1995 by Rutubo Games and Sega.


After Burner 32X, Reload Weapons.png

In-flight reloading

The game is a rail shooter where the player pilots a F-14 Tomcat jet fighter (called the "SSF-14" in the US instruction manual). The jet flies itself on set paths through the stages, and the player controls its position on screen and its weapons. The vertical controls are inverted to simulate a flight stick, climbing with Down and descending with Up (though this can be changed in the options). It banks with Left or Right. The jet is equipped with two Vulcan cannons, which have unlimited ammunition, and heat-seeking missiles, which are limited in supply. There is an "Auto Vulcan" option that automatically fires the Vulcan cannons continuously. A reticle appears in front of the jet, which is used to aim the Vulcan cannons; additionally, enemies caught in the reticle are "locked-on" and targeted if the player fires a guided missile. Missiles are limited; the player starts with 50 (with a large missile icon representing 10 missiles), which are replenished in-flight or by landing on an allied air strip in between certain stages.

Using a standard control pad, the jet fires its Vulcan guns with A or C (unless "Auto Vulcan" is enabled) and fires its missiles with B. It slows down by holding A and speeds up by holding C. Using a Six Button Control Pad, the jet can roll by holding A while turning with Left or Right. It also rolls by changing direction quickly when turning. The jet automatically rolls when turning if it is being pursued by an enemy fighter to evade its fire. It fires its Vulcan guns with C (unless "Auto Vulcan" is enabled) and fires its missiles with B. It can change its speed to low by holding X, to middle by holding Y, or to high by holding Z (with the jet engaging its afterburners at the highest speed).

The jet crashes if it takes enemy fire. The stage continues with a spare jet if the player has one (the player can choose to start with 3, 4, 5, or 6 in the options). The player earns an extra jet at 3,000,000 and 10,000,000 points and every 10,000,000 points after that. There are several selectable difficulty levels (Extra Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hardest).


The game can be continued from stages 5, 9, 13, and 19 once reached, through a new option that appears on the title screen.

Stages 5 and 13 are allied air bases where the plane replenishes its missiles.

Stages 8 and 17 are bonus stages where the player destroys enemy bases for bonus points.

After Burner 32X, Stage 1.png

Stage 1

After Burner 32X, Stage 2.png

Stage 2

After Burner 32X, Stage 3.png

Stage 3

After Burner 32X, Stage 4.png

Stage 4

After Burner 32X, Stage 5.png

Stage 5

After Burner 32X, Stage 6.png

Stage 6

After Burner 32X, Stage 7.png

Stage 7

After Burner 32X, Stage 8.png

Stage 8

After Burner 32X, Stage 9.png

Stage 9

After Burner 32X, Stage 10.png

Stage 10

After Burner 32X, Stage 11.png

Stage 11

After Burner 32X, Stage 12.png

Stage 12

After Burner 32X, Stage 13.png

Stage 13

After Burner 32X, Stage 14.png

Stage 14

After Burner 32X, Stage 15.png

Stage 15

After Burner 32X, Stage 16.png

Stage 16

After Burner 32X, Stage 17.png

Stage 17

After Burner 32X, Stage 18.png

Stage 18

After Burner 32X, Stage 19.png

Stage 19

After Burner 32X, Stage 20.png

Stage 20

After Burner 32X, Stage 21.png

Stage 21

After Burner 32X, Stage 22.png

Stage 22

After Burner 32X, Stage 23.png

Stage 23


During most of its development it was known as Super After Burner.

Similar to the 32X version of Space Harrier, After Burner Complete saw mixed reviews from the press, being seen as a simple port of an ageing arcade game which offered few improvements over the Sega Mega Drive version of After Burner II (released back in 1990).


After Burner Complete is extremely similar to the arcade release of After Burner II, with minor tweaks to make it more suited to a home console environment, and an options screen allowing for adjustments in difficulty and control schemes. But features slightly lower resolution sprites in places and runs at half the frame rate (30FPS vs. 60FPS).

It was the most accurate home version of After Burner at the time of release (bettered the following year by Sega Ages After Burner II on the Sega Saturn).

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English (US) After Burner After Burner
Japanese アフターバーナー・コンプリート After Burner Complete

Production credits

In-game credits
After Burner 32X credits.pdf

Magazine articles

Main article: After Burner Complete/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

Keep Devilishly Warm This Winter flyer back NL.png
NL flyer
Keep Devilishly Warm This Winter flyer back NL.png
Print advert in Hobby Consolas (ES) #43: "Abril 1995" (1995-xx-xx)


Physical scans

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
50 [10]
Sega 32X
Based on
1 review
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Famitsu (JP) NTSC-J
Freak (IL)
GameFan (US) NTSC-U
GamePro (US) NTSC-U
GamesMaster (UK) PAL
Games World: The Magazine (UK) PAL
Joypad (FR) PAL
Mega (UK) PAL
Mega Fun (DE) NTSC-U
Mean Machines Sega (UK) PAL
Next Generation (US) NTSC-U
Player One (FR)
Play Time (DE) PAL
Saturn Fan (JP) NTSC-J
Score (CZ)
Sega Magazine (UK) PAL
Sega Power (UK) PAL
Sega Pro (UK) PAL
Sega Force (SE)
Sega Megazone (AU)
Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) NTSC-J
Super Juegos (ES)
Todo Sega (ES)
Ultimate Future Games (UK) PAL
Video Games (DE) PAL
VideoGames (US)
Sega 32X
Based on
27 reviews

After Burner Complete

32X, JP
AftBurnComp 32x jp backcover.jpgAfterBurnerComp MD JP BoxSpine.jpgAftBurnComp 32x jp frontcover.jpg
AfterBurnerComp MD JP CartTop.jpg
AfterBurnerComplete 32X JP Cart.jpg
Afterburnercomp 32x jp manual.pdf
32X, US
AfterBurner 32X US Box Back.jpgAfterBurner 32X US Box Front.jpg
After Burner 32X US Cart.jpg
Afterburnercomplete 32x us manual.pdf
32X, EU
After Burner 32X EU Box.jpg
AfterBurnerComplete 32X EU Cart.jpg
AfterBurnerComplete 32X EU manual.jpg
32X, PT

32X, AU

Technical information

Main article: After Burner Complete/Technical information.

External links

  • Sega of America webpage: 32X


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After Burner Complete

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