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Strike Fighter
System(s): Sega Y Board
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (Y Board)
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Strike Fighter (ストライクファイター) is Sega Y Board arcade combat flying game developed by Sega R&D 8 and manufactured by Sega. A spin-off of the popular Sega Studio 128 series After Burner, the game is a spiritual evolution of the developer's earlier 1990 arcade title G-LOC: Air Battle, and was released exclusively to Japanese arcades in June 1991.

While Strike Fighter has never seen any home ports in its original form, the game was brought to the FM Towns in 1992 as After Burner III, marketed as a mainline After Burner game; this port would later arrive on the Sega Mega-CD courtesy of developer CRI later that year.


Strike Fighter, like G-LOC primarily takes place from a cockpit view, where the player is tasked with shooting down enemy planes (while making sure not to be shot down themselves). Also like G-LOC, the game pans out to a third-person perspective if an enemy is on your tail. The major difference between the two is that whereas G-LOC uses a goal-based mission system, Strike Fighter's levels are similar in design to After Burner's, simply finishing when the player reaches a certain distance.


Strike Fighter saw most of its content re-branded as After Burner III for the FM Towns and Sega Mega-CD. The main difference between the two from a gameplay perspective is that After Burner III always gives users the option of playing from a third-person perspective. Strike Fighter on its own has not been ported to any home consoles.

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Main article: Strike Fighter/Production credits.

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Strike Fighter

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