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For the unreleased Mega-CD game, see Alexandria (Mega-CD).

Alexandria logo.png
Founded: 1992-07-02[1]
Defunct: 1995-11[2]
Merged into: Creative Programming and Technology Ventures (1994)
Los Osos, California, United States[3][4]

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Alexandria, Inc., formally known as Visions Unlimited[5][1], was an American video game developer founded in July 1992 by Ken Balthaser, Neil Balthaser, and Eric Yiskis, and headquartered in Los Osos, California. The company produced a number of video games throughout the mid 1990s (mostly for the Sega Mega Drive) before lackluster sales and financial issues with its parent company resulted in the studio's closure in November 1995.[2]


In November 1994, Alexandria was acquired by the American media company Creative Programming and Technology Ventures (CPTV) in November 1994[1], and one year later ceased operations in November 1995. A number of employees migrated to nearby developer and former CPTV subsidiary[6] Oddworld Inhabitants[7], which had moved to Los Osos one year earlier.[8]


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