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Astra Superstars
System(s): Sega Titan Video, Sega Saturn
Publisher: Sunsoft
Sound driver:
Sega Saturn
SCSP (1 track)
Peripherals supported:
Sega Saturn
Extended RAM Cartridge (1MB/4MB)
Genre: Fighting Action/Taisen Action (対戦アクション)[1], Action[2]

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (Sega Titan Video)
¥? ?

Sega Saturn
¥5,800 (6,090)5,800e[3] T-1521G
Sega Rating: All Ages

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Astra Superstars (アストラスーパースターズ) is a fighting game developed and published by Sunsoft for the Sega Saturn and Sega Titan Video arcade hardware. It was only released in Japan.



AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer01-1.png

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer01-2.png

Lettuce (レタス)
Stage title: Sukatto Konchikusyo-! (スカッとコンチクショー!)
Move list
Name Command Description
Heartbeat rush (ハートビートラッシュ) C+Z Star special 1
Platinum spark (プラチナスパーク) B+Y Star special 2

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer02-1.png

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer02-2.png

Maron (マロン)
Stage title: Utawazuniwa Irarenai! (歌わずにはいられない!)
Move list
Name Command Description
Angel twister (エンジェルツイスター) C+Z Star special 1
Love love arrow (ラブラブアロー) B+Y Star special 2

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer03-1.png

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer03-2.png

Stella (ステラ)
Stage title: Densetu no Daimahoutukai (伝説の大魔法使い)
Move list
Name Command Description
Pentamaras stream (ペンタマラス・ストリーム) C+Z Star special 1
Graces thalia (グレイセス・タレイア) B+Y Star special 2

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer04-1.png

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer04-2.png

Sakamoto (サカモト)
Stage title: Oni naredo, Mononofu (鬼なれど、もののふ)
Move list
Name Command Description
Enma Gougouzan (閻魔業劫斬) C+Z Star special 1
Onigiri Retsuga (鬼斬烈呀) B+Y Star special 2

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer05-1.png

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer05-2.png

Rouge (ルージュ)
Stage title: Chiisana Santa Claus (小さなサンタクロース)
Move list
Name Command Description
Present for you (プレゼント・フォー・ユー) C+Z Star special 1
Dokkan Frost (どっかんフロスト) B+Y Star special 2

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer06-1.png

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer06-2.png

Coco (ココ)
Stage title: Howahowa Oujisama (ほわほわ王子様)
Move list
Name Command Description
Onion strike (オニオンストライク) C+Z Star special 1
Loran precious (ロランプレシャス) B+Y Star special 2

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer07-1.png

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer07-2.png

Cupe (キュープ)
Stage title: Kuufuku Senshi no Hirusagari (空腹戦士の昼下がり)
Move list
Name Command Description
Cupe special (キュープ・スペシャル) C+Z Star special 1
Cupe beam (キュープ・ビーム) B+Y Star special 2

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer08-1.png

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer08-2.png

Fooly (フーリー)
Stage title: Grayish Rhapsody (グレイッシュ・ラプソディ)
Move list
Name Command Description
Midnight storming (ミッドナイトストーミング) C+Z Star special 1
Infernal Volley (インファーナルボレイ) B+Y Star special 2

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer10-1.png

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer10-2.png

My Devil / My Angel (マイデビル / マイエンジェル)
Stage title: Kokoro no Akuma / Kokoro no Tenshi (心の悪魔 / 心の天使)

Appears as an enemy in Stage 8 of the 1P mode. Transforms into the player character at the start of each round. When using Fooly, he becomes an angel.

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSBoss-1.png

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSBoss-2.png

Satan Volte (サタン・ボルテ)
Stage title: Saa, Ware wo Tanoshimasete kure (さあ、我を楽しませてくれ)

A boss character that appears in Stage 9. Not playable.

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer09-1.png

AstraSuperstars Saturn JP SSPlayer09-2.png

Test Kun (テストくん)
Stage title: Tabidatsu Kimi no Tame ni... (旅立つキミの為に…)

Appears as an enemy in Last Stage of the 1P mode. In the Sega Saturn version, it is playable only in VS mode.

Production credits

  • Planning: 岡坂 道夫(SANTACLAUS), めいそんだっしー(SANTACLAUS)
  • Planning Support: 朝 茂之(SANTACLAUS)
  • World Design: めいそんだっしー(SANTACLAUS)
  • World Design Support: 岡坂 道夫(SANTACLAUS)
  • Game Programming: 岡坂 道夫(SANTACLAUS)

  • Character Design: めいそんだっしー(SANTACLAUS)
  • Background CG Design: 岡坂 道夫(SANTACLAUS)
  • Graphic Design: 朝 茂之(SANTACLAUS), めいそんだっしー(SANTACLAUS), 齋藤 真紀(SANTACLAUS), 望月 綾子(SANTACLAUS)
  • Graphic Assist: 村田 信夫(SANTACLAUS)
  • Illustration: めいそんだっしー(SANTACLAUS)

  • Music: 二井 和男(SUNSOFT), 高田 敦司(SUNSOFT), 浅野 論(SUNSOFT)
  • Sound Effect: 浅野 論(SUNSOFT)
  • Recording: 高田 敦司(SUNSOFT), 二井 和男(SUNSOFT)
  • Voice Actor: 藪下 貴子, 堀田 和則, 益田 真理子, おおみ ちとせ, 斧 篤, 高橋 充, 杉浦 俊, 浅井 たかえ
  • Vocal: 黒田 やよい
  • Sound Coordinate: 見廣 篤(PHASE OUT)

  • Sales and marketing: 河合 正人(SUNSOFT), 門脇 清次(SUNSOFT), 横地 宏和(SUNSOFT), 高橋 英昭(SUNSOFT), 高橋 広志(SUNSOFT)
  • Sales Promotion: 森 達男(SUNSOFT), 今関 いずみ(SUNSOFT)
  • Package / Manual Design: 渡辺 和幸(SUNSOFT)
  • Producer: 竹内 昭人(SUNSOFT)
  • General Manager: 吉田 喜春(SUNSOFT), 北島 光晴(SUNSOFT)
  • Special Thanks: テクモ株式会社, 株式会社ビーアンドエフ, GOO, 植田 祐一(SUNSOFT), 清水 薫樹(SUNSOFT), 村本 顕(SUNSOFT), 喜多 鋼毅(SUNSOFT), 長谷 守(SOFTBANK), 緒形 光哲(SOFTBANK), プレイしてくれたすべての人達

In-game credits
AstraSS Saturn JP SSEnding.pdf

Magazine articles

Main article: Astra Superstars/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

Print advert in (JP) #1998-23: "1998-23 (1998-08-07,14)" (1998-07-24)

Physical scans

Sega Titan Video version

Sega Titan Video,
"Long" instructions
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Instuction card(s)

Saturn version

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Astra Superstars

Saturn, JP
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Technical information

Main article: Astra Superstars/Technical information.

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Saturn
604,685,088 1998-06-20 CD-ROM (JP) T-1521G V1.001

Track list

1. Data track  
2. CD Warning message (0:08) 
Running time: 0:08

Extra content

This game has extra content which can be viewed when accessing the disc on a PC.

Saturn (JP) Extra files
Folder / File Type Size description
ASS_ABS.TXT TXT (Abstract) 533 About this game.
ASS_BIB.TXT TXT (Bibliographiced) 29 About this game
ASS_CPY.TXT TXT (Copyright) 50 Copyright
README.DOC TXT 8,905 Messages from the developers.


Astra Superstars

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